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Theresa Wan, CPA

Theresa Wan brings to the Concierge Alliance Group over 30 years with working with Trustees, Attorneys and Fiduciaries.
She has successfully helped numerous Trustees and Attorneys with Estate Accounting and Reporting, Liquidations and Distributions from beginning to end.

Detailed Documentation & Full Transparency

We provide the documents and reporting for due care of your fiduciary responsibilities. Detailed documentation trail for every item sold and everyone can follow the auction online while it is in progress. A detailed report of what sold and the sales prices for estate distribution and accounting.

Fair Market Value

Fair market value through competitive bidding by multiple interested bidders.

Secure & Fast Results

Goods are secure throughout the auction process. For estate sales, only winning bidders arrive on-site to pick up their purchases after an ID check. We don't even have to publish the address of the auction if that is a preference.

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